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Your Text On A Buckle


Chrome letters
Rhinestone Frame
Create Your Own Belt Buckle

Rhinestone Letters
Chrome Letters
The difference...
Accepted characters...

$ &

We'll automatically select the size frame needed to fit your choice of text in. You have a choice of 7 characters. Spaces included...

  1. Choose your type of frame (Chrome / Rhinestone)
  2. Choose your type of letter
  3. Type your text
  4. Click 'Add to cart'


Stock Information :

Rhinestone 'A' letters out of stock.
Chrome 'E' letters out of stock.


Create Your Own Custom Chrome Buckle

Belt for illustration only

Chrome Frame Buckle

Letters :
Your Text:
Code:NBC - Price £7.99 -
Create Your Own Custom Stone Buckle

Rhinestone Frame Buckle

Letters :
Your Text:
Code:NBS - Price £9.99 -

LED Scrolling Text Display Buckle

LED Buckle. Image shows a rhinestone frame with blue led screen.

Image showing chrome and rhinestone frames with red and blue screens.


Scrolling LED Display Frame Buckle

Frame :
Colour :
Code:LEDB - Price £18.99 -

Fully programmable LED buckles. No computer needed.

Note: Blue now out of stock

These buckles will fit on any standard 1.5" press studded strap. It is recommended that a larger size be purchased to ensure the belts fit, with extra holes being added


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